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Transport and freight forwarding

Logistics Technician

Transport and freight forwarding

Code: 0613

Education is conducted according to the central technical program plan of the IT sector. At the same time, students are prepared for the Matura exam regarding general and professional subjects. Students in the 9th and 10th years acquire the basic professional knowledge of the sector. At the end of the 10th year students have to pass the sectoral basic exam. In the next 3 years, everyone will receive vocational training corresponding to their profession chosen. If possible, everyone will carry out their professional internship at an external company in the 11th to 13th years. The Matura and the professional exam can be passed by the students at the end of the 13th year. If the students have successfully completed the required knowledge examination, they will receive the professional qualification as Logistics technician (OKJ 5484113). By completing the course, students become suitable for independent work within their profession and for further studies in this field.

Logistics technicians are able to: