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Tool and device manufacturer

Mechanical engineering sector
OPTIONAL TRAINING: Tool and device manufacturer
Code: 0624

Offered to students having a good practical sense, manual skills, and like to repair or mend things.

  • students firs acquire the basic professional knowledge followed by a sectoral exam at the end of the ninth grade
  • in the following two years students receive vocational training corresponding to their profession chosen
  • if possible, everyone spends their professional internship at an external company in the 10th and11th years
  • after having successfully completed the required knowledge examination, students receive the professional qualification as Tool and device manufacturer (OKJ 3452118)
  • by completing the course, students become suitable for independent work within their profession and for further studies in this field as well
  • in addition, as a unique opportunity, students can acquire the profession of CNC-programmer (OKJ 3452112) in a year or pass the Matura in two years

Tool and device manufacturers:

  • interpret technical drawings
  • prepare sketches
  • perform measurements, tests, checks and documents
  • manufacture parts and components of forming and machining tools as well as devices
  • heat-process the tool and device elements
  • apply traditional and modern technologies
  • operate traditional and modern machine equipment
  • make and assemble tools and devices from finished elements
  • maintain and repair tools and devices.