OM: 203062 Telephely: 006

Software developer and tester

IT and telecommunication major

Software developer and tester

Code: 0612

This course is ideal for those who are interested in IT and Maths, have a good sense of communication and logical thinking.

The education follows the central curriculum of technical schools of economics. Students are provided preparation for academic and vocational subjects alike. 9th and 10th graders study basic vocational knowledge and are expected to take a basic exam. The following three years offer vocational training for the particular job the students have chosen. If possible, the traineeship is organised for 11th, 12th and 13th graders at businesses outside school. Students can take a final exam in academic and vocational subjects at the end of the 13th grade and get a qualification as a software developer and tester (code OKJ 5448108).

Completing the course enables the students to start work or go on studying in the field of IT.

Our students will be able to:

  • operate computers
  • install and use software for a developing environment
  • develop and code websites
  • develop client- and server-side software applications
  • develop and update desktop applications
  • test software
  • develop and manage database
  • use software to support teamwork and cooperation
  • determine resources and needed timeframe

The course is recommended for young people who are not only attracted by the world of IT software, but also interested in software development and improvement.