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Financial and Bookkeeping Assistant

Economy and Management Major

Financial and Bookkeeping Assistant

Code: 0611

This course is ideal for those who are interested in the world of money and figures and would like to study and be a part of economic processes.

The education follows the central curriculum of technical schools of economics. Students are provided preparation for academic and vocational subjects alike. 9th and 10th graders study basic vocational knowledge and are expected to take a basic exam. The following three years offer vocational training for the particular job the students have chosen.

The training is not complemented with comprehensive traineeship. Students can take a final exam in academic and vocational subjects at the end of the 13th grade and get a qualification as a financial and bookkeeping assistant (code OKJ 5434401).

Completing the course enables the students to start work or go on studying in the field of economics.

Our students will be able to:

  • understand business management
  • handle business management software
  • use communication channels
  • do administrative tasks of founding and managing an enterprise
  • manage bank accounts and petty cash
  • manage tasks including taxation
  • co-operates in doing tasks including customs tax, excise duties and product charges
  • collect data for making decisions in business and investment
  • co-operates in preparing financial projects
  • co-operates in preparing bank loans
  • do tasks in e-accounting
  • make and file electronic documents

This course requires the following qualities:

  • being precise and practical
  • thinking in a system
  • being interested in economic processes

Graduates of this course can find a job in various sectors of economy. They can also go on to higher education in economy or get further qualifications as chartered accountants, customs and bank experts and tax counsellors.