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Electronics technician

Electronics and electrical engineering sector

Students with a practical sense, good dexterity and the love of electronics are welcome in this class. We also take applicants who like tinkering with computers or multimedia devices.

Our education is conducted according to the central program plan of the electronics sector. In the 9th grade, students acquire the basic professional knowledge belonging to the sector. At the end of 9th grade, all students take a basic sector exam. Over the next 2 years, everyone will receive vocational training appropriate to their chosen profession. If possible, everyone will continue their professional training at an external internship in 10th and 11th grade. Upon successful completion of the exam, OKJ 3452203 will obtain a professional qualification as an electronic technician. By completing the course, students become suitable for independent work within their profession and for further study in the field. In addition, the course is available to students with two years of graduation training.


  • checks the parameters of electrical components,
  • interprets computer measurement results with user-level knowledge of diagnostic, configuration, test and utilities;
  • uses computer-controlled measuring, control and production equipment;
  • assembles the finished circuit ready or in equipment and also performs simpler mechanical – assemblies;
  • compiles, checks and sets up a measuring system on the basis of documentation, provides quality management and in-process information.

This class is recommended for all girls and boys who are close to computer science and electronics. At the same time it can be an ideal choice for those who are also attracted to the rapidly evolving field of multimedia that offers good employment opportunities.