OM: 203062 Telephely: 006


A 3-year training in the tourism and hospitality sector which culminates in a qualification. As for professional activities, in order to sweeten special occasions or everyday life, a confectioner makes confectionery, ice creams, candies, and occasional decorative works. The activity of confectioner is thus a creation in which not only a product is produced, but an experience is created.

We recommend the profession to young people who want to develop their dexterity, aesthetic sense and creativity. They are able to develop and want a varied job.

The qualified confectioner:

picks up and organizes orders;

  • selects the necessary raw materials;
  • calculates the amount of ingredients;
  • use confectionery tools, machines and equipment professionally;
  • complies with occupational safety, environmental protection, hygiene and food safety regulations;
  • works in a team and cooperates with those involved in professional work;
  • preserves the tradition of traditional confectionery production, observes the recipe and method of confectionery production;
  • prepares international confectionery products, products in line with current trends;
  • prepares aesthetic, imaginative decorative works for occasional orders according to the customer’s wishes;
  • cooks and freezes ice creams;
  • makes candies and decorations from chocolate;
  • is constantly training himself;
  • reads foreign language professional materials at a basic level, strives to learn about international trends.