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Tourism and Catering – Chef

This 3-year-long course offers a vocational qualification. This job is one of the earliest professions in the world. Besides fulfilling basic daily needs, it provides culinary experience for guests. Almost all social, family and church events involve dining and cooking. The latter is the main activity of a chef who turns ingredients into dishes using an excellent sense of taste and creativity with herbs and aromas. A chef works at the production field of catering either in an outsourced or a permanent kitchen. The job might require work at different subfields such as mass catering, cold catering, protocol and a la carte catering.

This job is recommended to creative people, who would like to improve their skills at all times and would like to have a diverse job. A good chef’s character can be recognised through the dish prepared by them.

Job description:

  • prepares dishes, serves and decorates the meal following the orders of the head chef and the principles of practicality and aesthetic quality alike
  • arranges, prepares and finishes a meal
  • orders, takes delivery of and stores the goods
  • follows HACCP rules, and makes colleagues follow them
  • takes financial and moral responsibility for the goods they are in charge of
  • consciously applies kitchen technology procedures
  • is able to coordinate and direct the work of kitchen helpers